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Are you where you thought you’d be at this point in life?

Did you buy-in to what society said…to go to school, get good grades to get a good job? Did you get the results that you were expecting or working until you die or in poor health?

There are so many people without a formal education making more money than doctors and enjoying life because they dare to be different. They chose not to listen to society that cranks out average. Some can’t even read! Why not you join them?

What’s your plan for you and your family going forward?

If you need help with your plan – to do something completely different and develop lucrative ($) marketable skills for pennies compared to that of a college degree, inquire within to become a MOBILEpreneur or other. Dare to be different!!! Start here with a ‘live’ or virtual mentor. It shortens the learning curve…

If you think can, you’re probably right. If you think you can’t, you’re probably right. 

(coming soon)

(This virtual GLOBAL organization website DEMO project is currently being built ‘LIVE’ & on-the-fly…
Read below; Visit regularly to see updates

This Website

This website is being built as a test (DEMO) virtual business site whereby its structure, systems, and processes will be likened to that of a high-rise office building headquarters with divisions located globally.

This was done by [ItsSherryTee] on a smaller scale back in 2011 using a different, mature, powerful, and FREE software platform.

Hiring employees significantly reduces profitability and increases owner frustration in many major ways. Herein provides an alternative solution to maximize profitability and efficiency, consistency and therefore production/output.

One could think that the employees in this 21st century business model could potentially either be 1) all invisible or 2) a combination of human and invisible.

NOTE: For those who are scratching their heads in confusion, replace [‘invisible employees’] with ‘AUTOMATION’ (automated tasks) 🙂

Guess which option (1 or 2 above) could have the potential for the greatest profit margin even over the traditional legacy brick-and-mortar conglomerates???

NOTE: Hint/Answer: Option 2 – an optimization of both invisible and human. The challenge is finding that point of balance based on a plethora of considerations and hypotheses.

The customers though, are human and are therefore REAL!!! ($)

Welcome to ItsSherryTee.com!

Check out…
My ‘Office’ View


Today, we are adapting a different, mature, FREE software platform that wasn’t powerful enough to be considered back in 2011, although much simpler in usability. It may be nearly ready now as we begin this journey as it also appears to require less labor and minimal programming knowledge (comparatively-speaking). There are unlimited resources available to assist.

In the process of ItsSherryTee learning this specific platform;, sourcing; testing and adapting additional software to integrate with this platform, either directly or indirectly, to achieve an acceptable level of efficiency and effectiveness, visitors can learn how to begin and continually maximize the profitability of their own business by adapting applicable principles described here and with minimal expense and overhead.

For this blueprint design, its proverbial chosen site (soil composition, desired elevation, surroundings; etc.); construction materials (cement, steel beams, insulation, doors, electrical, plumbing, etc.) processes and systems using a substantial portion with either FREE, nearly FREE or minimal software expenditure.

Currently, the core foundation is built and the virtual skyscraper is now going up!

Attributes of a MOBILEpreneur & Virtual World Business Developer…

Most Interesting

What’s the most interesting part of this project? Besides being able to do quite a bit with a Smartphone or a tablet or at the library if you didn’t have it with you or didn’t own a computer, your ‘office workstation’ can be in a car, on a boat/yacht, on an airplane or in the airport lounge; at a restaurant; at poolside while taking swim breaks; on different beaches or chalets in different countries on working vacations (a.k.a. writeoffs)!

It’s better than running faster and faster on a human hamster wheel going nowhere fast!

This is a just-for-fun project, therefore there is no completion time deadline because that would create a ‘job.’ No thank you! 🙂

This  Home Page

This home page will almost always not look like the ‘norm’ and will have some built-in quirks as it will serve to facilitate demos to ItsSherryTee’s clientele and their special requests and how-to’s; to the curious who’s wondering if and how ‘it’ can be done; and also serve as a test page for demonstrating various bells-and-whistles of interest to those in various industries; experiencing the building of ‘floors’ in a virtual high-rise building in which to house various ‘corporate departments’ and ‘personnel.’

Some days there will be navigation menus, other days not; some days there may be error messages, other times  not. Why? Because, just like in the real world, the water or electrical may need to be unavailable temporarily during tie-ins, troubleshooting; replacements; inspections; etc.


There could be and probably are grammatical or even typos in this website’s text but, for now, who cares? Not us. Getting the design, procurement, and construction, time being spent etc. right now takes higher priority at the moment.

*** Thinking Aloud about ItsSherryTee’s Next Special Project… ***

Teach a few select people (via known referrals in the ItsSherryTee network) who, without a formal education beyond high school, the building blocks to build any-sized virtual business with invisible employees (virtual headquarters), designed to become more profitable than a similar brick-and-mortar business.

The skills learned can be quite lucrative along the way, possibly having the ability to surpass someone’s income who has a college degree and/or works multiple jobs. They will be taught how to become a GLOBAL MOBILEpreneur.

The specific qualifications needed will not be provided. Who would be chosen over another will not be provided. Once chosen, they will be provided the participation requirements.

NOTE: This is not for a job, although, those selected will be shown where to find entrepreneurs/business owners who are looking for the skills that will be taught and learned.

Just brainstorming a few ideas…because, who knows how long it will take ItsSherryTee to find the select few…

Q: Who do you know might be interested?

If ItsSherryTee does move forward, those selected few could become a high-paid MOBILEpreneur along the way, depending…

Hmmmm… should ItsSherryTee add a names submission box or not…hmmm… Decisions…decisions…

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